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Christenings videography/cinematography


What is your filming approach (cinematic vs documentary)?

Our ceremony coverage is a documentary-style coverage, as we follow and fully cover the action. Our coverage of the party/reception takes a cinematic approach in which we film tens of clips representing important moments from the reception/party and then edit into a shorter trailer-style film. We make use of sliders, jib mini-cranes, and stabilizers for creative angles and motions. You can find out more about our style, and view samples of our work here.

Will you pose us and make us do strange things for our video?

Not at all! It’s our philosophy to film the day naturally as it unfolds.

Will music play over the whole video?

During the church ceremony we use the microphone audio that is recorded in the church and no music plays over at those times. In your highlight film music will play throughout.

How will I receive my videos?

You will receive your videos on a beautiful wooden USB flash-drive.

How can I play the videos on my USB flashdrive?

The USB flash-drive containing videos from your event is formatted in exFAT, which means they will be recognised and read by both Windows and Apple computers, as well as most smart TVs! The video files are in mp4 format which is also readable by almost all smart TVs and all computers! If you prefer another format for your USB flash-drive, please let us know beforehand.

What devices can play the mp4 videos?

Along with computers and laptops, the majority of DVD and Blu Ray players will play mp4 files. You can also transfer them to your game consoles, or tablets, or smart TV, and play them there.

Can we request edits to our video?

Absolutely! Edits are available at an hourly rate.

Can I make copies of my christening videos?

Absolutely! On your disc you’ll find all video files in a .mp4 format in full 1080p HD quality. You can share these files with family and friends numerous ways and since the file is an .mp4, there’s no need to rip the video, just copy and paste it.

Do you use external or artificial lighting for you christening videos?

We generally prefer natural light for our videography, and do not use artificial lighting unless requested, or if your ceremony takes place in a very church. In the cases we do need to use artificial light, it will only be special LED video lights which do not produce any heat.

Do you offer raw footage?

We do not offer raw footage but we can include additional footage in your film if requested, at an additional fee. Please keep in mind that we only shoot the footage that’s needed, and therefore we may not have additional footage. The best way to see more footage of the day is to let us know of your requirements beforehand so as to increase the video coverage of your event.

General questions


Using your gallery

Your online gallery is where you can view, share, and download images (if your package allows), and also order prints! If you need help ordering prints, or downloading your images, please have a look at our extensive knowledgebase or give me a call at 99938358.

Digital Album design: who selects images that will be included in the Album?

We make the initial selection of images to be included in the design of your Digital Album. Through careful selection of images, every spread tells a story infused with action, dynamism, and emotion. In our design we include approximately 70-85 images. This is an ideal number so that every image prints large enough.

We then deliver the initial design to you for review by email, and you will have the ability to add or remove images as you prefer.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to see a sample design.

Can I see all the images you took at the christening?

We take many photographs during the event, and then go through a cycle of 4 iterative selections in order to select the cream of the crop which will be edit, retouched, and delivered to you. The average number of edited images we deliver is between 170-190. Each image must meet specific aesthetic (such as expressions of people) and technical criteria before being considered for processing. Each and every image included in your final gallery will have received detailed editing and retouching.

We do not show our clients images other than the ones delivered in their gallery. This said, if you believe there is something missing from your gallery, please do let us know and we will do our best to help.

What is your payment policy, and other Terms of Service?

You can read our Terms of Service agreement, which also includes details about our payment policy here:

How should I backup my high-resolution image files?

Backup on physical devices at home

We advise that you copy your image files on multiple storage devices such as DVDs, external hard-disks, and flash-drives (USB sticks). Keeping your images on a single device is extremely risky, as both DVDs and hard-disks fail very often, and USB sticks can be lost. The average lifespan of DVDs and hard-disks is between 5-10 years. With regards to external hard-disk drives, we advise using external drives with dedicated power cord (also called non-portable external hard-disks, or AC-powered), as they tend to be more reliable than the portable ones that do not have an AC plug.

Backup on the cloud

You may also consider an online backup solution such as dropbox, or (both of which offer a free account) or crashplan, which offers a yearly subscription package for unlimited storage. If you plan to backup the images online, please make certain the service you are uploading to does not process the images in any manner that reduces their file-size or strips out ICC data, as this will alter the colours and quality of the photos. (As an example, at the time of writing this, Google drive strips out ICC-data, and as a result changes the images’ colours).

Keep a print for every image file

You might also be interested in this post on our blog discussing prints as the ideal archiving method:

Personal vs Commercial license: What you can, and cannot do with image files

Kindly note that the high-resolution image files are given to you under a Personal use licence, and for archiving purposes. Personal use means non-commercial use of the images for display on personal websites and computers, or making prints for personal use. The images may not be used for commercial purpose of any kind (such as to create advertising material or any other marketing collateral for your business, or any other businesses). This also includes other businesses involved in your event, such as cake and candy-table designers, event planner, florist, decorator, and the restaurant/venue. Therefore, please do not give any of these images (especially the un-watermarked high-resolution image files) to any businesses.

Please do note that in the spirit of collaboration with other businesses we will allow use of our images by other businesses granted that they themselves ask permission from Sweetmama Photography describing the intended use and agreeing to crediting Sweetmama Photography as per our policies. If a service provider in your event requests use of any of our images for promotional purposes, kindly ask them to contact us directly.

The EU intellectual property law
Under the European Intellectual Property Law the copyright of images remains with the photographer, who licenses these images under a personal usage license. This means that regardless of what or who is depicted in the image, title and ownership, and all rights now and in the future, of and for the images remain exclusively with Sweetmama Photography.

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