Baptisms are always a cause for celebration and it was certainly a case of excitement when Panayiotis was baptised!

Little Panayiotis’ christening took place at the gorgeous church of Angeloktisti in Kiti, Larnaca. This 11th century Byzantine church, of which the name means ‘built by Angels’ – was erected over the ruins of an Early 6th century basilica! Parts of this early church remain, including one of the finest pieces of Byzantine art on the island, a rare mosaic of the Virgin Mary and Child between the two archangels Michael and Gabriel!

As with all my christenings, I started photographing family portraits 30 minutes before the church began, when the baby was relaxed! The church has gorgeous gardens which are ideal for family photoshoots either under the huge Terebinth in the East garden or in the west garden during sunset shoots!

With love,