Some of my clients choose to have their sessions at their own home. Here is a short video of how we set up a mini studio at a client’s home!

For me it is paramount that my clients are comfortable, and this is why I offer them multiple options for location for the session. Sometimes my clients are unable to make it to my Natural Light Studio, and prefer to hold the session at their own home! A ‘mini-studio’ is set-up in a room or the living-room. A minimum 3x3m area in front of a large windows is needed for this. Because I use special backdrops, the house’s interior does not show in the photographs. Here is a short video of how I typically set-up at a client’s house!

I know that hiring a portrait photographer (especially for your newborn baby) can be a daunting process. Is there something that YOU are concerned about that I can help you with? Feel free to drop me a line!

With love,