Milestones: what are the best ages for photographing children?

Family and Children portrait by Cyprus-based Family boutique Sweetmama Photography


You want to photograph your child every moment! Thankfully, there are plenty of opportunities for great children portrait sessions. Every age in a child’s life is highly photographable, but you certainly cannot miss these milestones!

The newborn sessionTOP

Location: Usually indoor

This is the most unbelievable stage to have your baby professionally photographed, because it only lasts for a couple of weeks. If you want to invest in just one professional portrait session, then this should be it! During this time you will be too tired to truly appreciate the tiny toes, the pink lips and wrinkled back. But later, as you get adjusted to life with baby, by which time the ‘newborn’ stage will be over, you will feel truly blessed you invested in your child’s newborn portrait session.

Our newborn sessions usually take place indoor, but, if the parents wish and the weather is warm, we can shoot outside. We encourage expecting parents to plan a newborn baby session before 2 weeks of age.

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The 3-6 month sessionTOP

Location: Indoor or outdoor

We recommend booking your session once your baby is ready for tummy time. At this age your baby can smile and interact, and when positioned on their tummy they will be able to place their head up and perhaps even peek a smile just long enough for a photograph!

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The 6-9 month sessionTOP

Location: Indoor or outdoor


We recommend booking your session once your baby can sit up by themselves. At this age we strive to capture baby’s personality! He or she will be grabbing for toys, laughing, and sitting up! This is a great age and one of our favorite to photograph.

Some of our clients have this photo-shoot right after their baby’s christening, as this presents a great opportunity to capture baby in his or her christening costume.


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1 year oldTOP

Location: Indoor or outdoor

Just imagine the images, album and collages of your baby from newborn, to 1 year, to after!

Crawling, standing with help, or even walking, teeth, smiles! What an amazing milestone this is! Some of our clients opt to wait just a couple weeks after their child’s birthday because they know for sure they may be walking. Others choose to have this shoot closer to baby’s birthday and make this a ‘Cake Smash’ photo-shoot, during which you put the baby in front of a cake and let them smash it, bite it and dive in it, while we go crazy on the cameras! What a fun and creative way to celebrate your baby’s first year!

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Older than 1 year oldTOP

Location: Indoor or outdoor

Ages above 1 year old present a great deal of opportunities for creative photo-shoots, and the older the child the greater the creative potential! As there are so many wonderful possibilities, we recommend that you drop us a line and we can discuss ideas suitable for your child’s age and your requirements!

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Location choices

Our sessions are either indoor or outdoor. The choice between Indoor or outdoor is yours.

Indoor sessions

Indoor sessions are held in Sweetmama’s Natural Light Studio. Our Studio is ideally located in the outskirts of Larnaca so as to cater for our clients from all major cities (30 minutes from Limassol and Nicosia and 10 minutes from Larnaca). Our studio is the only professional studio in Cyprus where the key light is natural light, which is the most important ingrednient in the soft, natural look of our portraits.

Outdoor sessions

We use specific outdoor locations around Cyprus. We have preferred locations we photograph in all districts. We are always open to suggestions about new locations.

Pickup service

Especially for our clients from abroad we can arrange a pickup service to and from the photo-shoot’s location.

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