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I am really excited to be presenting Loukia’s Vanity Fair style maternity photo-shoot! Loukia, a smart, witty, confident and beautiful woman, decided to celebrate her pregnancy with modern portrait looks straight off the pages of a fashion magazine!

I have always been a huge fan of Vanity Fair! I love the stunning portraits, which represent some of the best portrait work in the world of photography, and the first thing I do is look for Annie Leibovitz’s legendary portraits. The stunning Oliphant and Schmidli backdrops, the gorgeous lighting, the top-of-the-world styling and the posing that creates the an amazing connection, all blended together by the photographer’s talent to create masterful portraits. This is what I always wanted to achieve in my own portraits, and my philosophy is that all women deserve to have such portraits, and not just models. Simply because all women are beautiful, and the beauty within shines much more than exterior beauty. Skillful posing, masterful styling, and planned lightning can bring out the best of any woman’s beauty.

Loukia deserves her own Vanity-Fair style portraits! This is just a small sample from her Maternity Photoshoot. Is she not simply stunning?

With regards to styling, Loukia was wrapped by me (what she wears is not dress but a special wrapping I do for my expecting mothers), and the crown was created by myself. All backdrops used are hand-painted canvases.

Enjoy Loukia’s portraits!

With love,

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Alexia Themistocleous

Hello, I am Alexia, lead photographer and founder of Sweetmama.

As a mother myself, I know the importance of capturing life’s most treasurable memories, and as an artist I know the value of beautiful art. My sessions are designed to provide you with a complete experience at an international level, planned and stylized to the finest detail – clothing, props, location, and posing!


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