Greek Orthodox Christenings are SUCH beautiful ceremonies with no shortage of captivating moments, and objects to be photographed. They are also a great opportunity for families to come together to celebrate new life. For me, this is a really special Christening; it is the Christening of my own nephew! As a specialised family photographer I do not miss the opportunity to create a beautiful portrait, one that the family can frame and cherish as heirloom. When I photograph Christenings, my intention is that of a portrait photographer (which happens to be my specialisation in photography) – wanting to capture the drama and emotion of human expression, and perhaps, a brief glimpse into the soul!

I focus on the key actors involved in the ceremony, aiming to capture un-posed photographs of the godparents, parents, grand-parents) and guests. I love capturing the grand-parents’ smiles as they look at their grand-child’s expressions, and the mothers’ worried look as their precious child is getting readied to be baptized in the water, and the mother comforting her baby at the end of the ceremony!