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Our reputation as a premium provider of portrait services is very important. We therefore ask you to honor the following:

First thing first, please note that as per the copyright law of the European Union the image’s copyright remains with the Artist. The images included in your products or given in the form of digital files, are given under a personal use license. They are for personal use only and and may not be used for ANY commercial purpose for the benefit of your own business, nor should you authorise such use by any other person or company​ unless prior arrangements were made in writing with us. Facebook and other social media outlets are considered personal use as long as they are posted under your personal account. Any images shared online must bear our watermark. ​

You must, under no circumstances, alter the photographs given as this may lower the quality of an image and scar our reputation for providing superior portraits. You must never apply a preset filter onto an image shared, nor process it, alter it, either yourself or using a third-party service.

Alexia, as an artist, wishes to maintain complete control over the presentation of the photographs, including the print quality and online presentation. When you commission us for a Portrait Session, or an Event, chances are you already have, or may want to purchase, digital negatives from us for your own personal use. When you invest in digital files, you are buying “permission” to copy and print the digital negatives as much as you like. Please understand that reproduction outside of our own proprietary print lab may lower the quality of the image and hurt our reputation for providing superior portraits and prevents us from making a living. Therefore understand that prints should be made by our own lab, or a lab that has been approved by us as able to provide an accurate reproduction of colours and prints with premium inks and on premium papers in order to avoid fading or yellowing.

You can find out more about printing your Digital Negatives here.

Thank you!

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