Apply for a donated photo-shoot

Families who photograph with Shine a Light convey to the world the significance of diversity and inspire with their strength!

You can fill-in this application in Greek or English.
Μπορείτε να συμπληρώσετε την παρακάτω αίτηση στα Ελληνικά ή Αγγλικά.

  • Πλήρες όνομα
  • Ηλεκτρονικό ταχυδρομείο
  • Αριθμός τηλεφώνου
  • Πέστε μας λίγα λόγια για την οικογένειά σας
  • As part of this project's statement of purpose to promote diversity and deconstruct taboos and stereotypes, we hope that we will be able to host an exhibition, and create a short film documentary, among other. All representations of this imagery will be tasteful and respectful to the participant families and to the aims of this project.