Why do hi-resolution images display differently from standard-resolution images?

Once you have downloaded your images on your computer, you may have noticed that images from your high-resolution album display differently from the ones in the standard-resolution folder. Note that this applies for when you download and view them on your computer (on your online gallery they should display the same). This is because of the fact that they have different colour-profiles. High-resolution images have AdobeRGB as their colour profile, so that they contain more colour information, which makes them better for printing at high-end printers. AdobeRGB allows for more vibrant colors in your prints, with better color consistency that your own monitor cannot even replicate. Standard-resolution images, on the other hand, are sRGB, which is better suited for displaying on the web, but contain less colour information.

Unfortunately many computers do not have native support for AdobeRGB, meaning that AdobeRGB images will appear (sometimes dramatically) different than images with the sRGB profile.

The diagram below shows the greater colour gamut of AdobeRGB compared to sRGB. Adobe RGB 1998 occupies roughly 40% more volume than sRGB.


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