Can we have the raw (unprocessed) images?

What is “raw”?

Raw images can mean either of these:

Photographers’ jargon: When photographers talk about “raw” images, they normally refer to the files that a professional camera produces. These are not normal .jpg image files, but have a proprietary extension (e.g. .NEF, for nikon cameras) and are unreadable by most computers unless they have specialised software installed. Raw files are extremely large (sometimes exceeding 50Mb), lack contrast and vibrance, and need to be colour-graded and processed in order to become suitable for viewing and printing.

“Straight Out Of Camera:” When clients refer to “raw” images, they might either refer to the raw files above, or the unprocessed images in whichever file format. Such unprocessed images are also referred to as “Straight Out Of Camera” images.

Can we have raw images (whether as RAW files, or unprocessed jpg files)?

We do not give raw images. We are extremely proud about our product, and cannot deliver anything that has not been processed (colour-graded, retouched for blemishes, etc). As an analogy, if raw images are like raw chicken, then processed images are the cooked dish – seasoned, marinated, and plated to perfection – and to take the analogy one step further, a chef would never plate raw chicken, nor hand a bag of the raw materials leftover from the cooking process.

We would like a photograph we believe you took but did not include in our gallery

Please let us know what you are looking for, and we would be delighted to look for it and process it for you, granted that it meets the technical standards for processing. Kindly note that specifically for portrait sessions (such as newborn, maternity, or children) there is a charge per extra edited portrait, while for christenings, there may be a fee depending whether you require a large number of extra edited images.

Straight Out Of Camera vs Final Photograph Samples

Please hover over the images (or tap if you are on a mobile device) to see the difference between the Straight Out Of Camera raw and the final image. Beyond the obvious colour-grading, the skin has been smoothed, and blemishes removed. You can see more retouching samples here.

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