Polished, elegant and stylish

Christening Videography & Cinematography

Our christening package includes both coverage of the church ceremony, and a cinematography trailer highlighting beautiful moments and decor from the party/reception.

Full coverage of church ceremony

An edited, colour-graded coverage of the entire ceremony with crisp, clear live sound.

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Cinema­tography trailer

A 2-3 minute cinematic video with background music highlighting your decoration, and beautiful moments from the reception/party.

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Ceremony coverage

Coverage of the entire length of the ceremony with crisp live sound and cinema-like colour-grading, all in breathtaking 1080p high-definition!

Although the church video covers the entire length of the ceremony, the following sample was shortened for the sake of brevity.

Cinematography trailer

A beautiful cinematic video with background music, highlighting beautiful moments and the decor from the party (reception).

Polished, elegant and stylish, the cinematic video consists of clips from the party (reception). The style and processing is consistent with our photography, and just like with our photography, our approach to filming is calm and intentional: we film events as they unfold naturally and do not pose or direct you. We are also very conscientious not to disturb you and your guests when we are filming.

Frequently asked questions answered


What is your filming approach (cinematic vs documentary)?

Our ceremony coverage is a documentary-style coverage, as we follow and fully cover the action. Our coverage of the party/reception takes a cinematic approach in which we film tens of clips representing important moments from the reception/party and then edit into a shorter trailer-style film. We make use of sliders, jib mini-cranes, and stabilizers for creative angles and motions. You can find out more about our style, and view samples of our work here.

Will you pose us and make us do strange things for our video?

Not at all! It’s our philosophy to film the day naturally as it unfolds.

Will music play over the whole video?

During the church ceremony we use the microphone audio that is recorded in the church and no music plays over at those times. In your highlight film music will play throughout.

How will I receive my videos?

You will receive your videos on a beautiful wooden USB flash-drive.

How can I play the videos on my USB flashdrive?

The USB flash-drive containing videos from your event is formatted in exFAT, which means they will be recognised and read by both Windows and Apple computers, as well as most smart TVs! The video files are in mp4 format which is also readable by almost all smart TVs and all computers! If you prefer another format for your USB flash-drive, please let us know beforehand.

What devices can play the mp4 videos?

Along with computers and laptops, the majority of DVD and Blu Ray players will play mp4 files. You can also transfer them to your game consoles, or tablets, or smart TV, and play them there.

Can we request edits to our video?

Absolutely! Edits are available at an hourly rate.

Can I make copies of my christening videos?

Absolutely! On your disc you’ll find all video files in a .mp4 format in full 1080p HD quality. You can share these files with family and friends numerous ways and since the file is an .mp4, there’s no need to rip the video, just copy and paste it.

Do you use external or artificial lighting for you christening videos?

We generally prefer natural light for our videography, and do not use artificial lighting unless requested, or if your ceremony takes place in a very church. In the cases we do need to use artificial light, it will only be special LED video lights which do not produce any heat.

Do you offer raw footage?

We do not offer raw footage but we can include additional footage in your film if requested, at an additional fee. Please keep in mind that we only shoot the footage that’s needed, and therefore we may not have additional footage. The best way to see more footage of the day is to let us know of your requirements beforehand so as to increase the video coverage of your event.